That the key would fire a spaceship

Duty guards at Bishopsgate. The wall behind their backs was warm from the late summer sunshine. As yet the towering city wall offered little or no shade as the sun shone brightly from the east. Revin had anticipated no resistance to their entering the city garbed in plague doctors' clothing, but he had not calculated on the prickliness of the sun-drenched guards. Their halberds crossed as he and Verde made instagram their attempt to pass through the gate. What business have you? asked the taller sentry, whose manner and poise bore all the hallmarks of an ex-soldier. His upright posture and clipped speech suggested he may well have seen service in the great wars of the 1640s, but had now fallen somewhat from grace. Revin was not prepared for any challenge and stood dumbfounded, looking at his dusty feet. Verde removed his helmet. We are called to see the Lord Mayor, to report the conditions in the outer parishes, he said authoritatively. He replaced his helmet, tapping it firmly into place with one hand to indicate that his speech and their conversation was at an end. It was the guards' turn to be nonplussed; they looked at each other and the taller opened his mouth to speak, but nothing buy instagram likes came to mind. His attention was distracted by a shot and commotion behind him; a yelping and whining mongrel dog had been wounded by the dog killers. A fat hunchbacked man pursued the limping animal through the gate, passing between the guards and out into the dusty road. A sadistic sneer crossed the hunter's lips as he raised his musket at the frightened dog. Not wishing to risk detection, Verde and Revin felt a surge of helpless frustration as they watched the man finish the job. The lifeless body of the buy instagram likes tan-and-black mongrel was left in a heap on the road to await the arrival of a raker. Flies were already swarming around the red pool of blood as the assailant stalked off in search of another half a groat's worth of glory. The ex-soldier had instagram not been impressed by the fairness of the competition, and allowed his mind to drift back to the carnage of the battle of Roundway Down. Verde took a pace forward; the ex-soldier made no effort to stop him, and nor did the second guard, who seemed to be looking to his companion for guidance. Revin followed his fellow doctor into the great capital city of England. buy instagram likes They threaded their way between the towering walls and continued at a brisk pace for fear of a change of heart by the guards. As they walked along Bishopsgate Street yahoo the imposing Gresham buy instagram likes College loomed into view; the grounds were void of scholars and the biscuit-coloured building seemed deserted. Very few Londoners were walking the streets; those who did gave them a wide berth out of respect or fear, the red sticks acting like magic wands and opening up a pathway in front of them. Branching right into Threadneedle Street, they paused in a side alley. Revin placed his hands on either side of his helmet and lifted it. He shook his head to loosen his tresses. The herbs in the beaks had long diffused their scents, and the stale air they had been buy instagram likes forced to breathe was now replaced by pungent sulphur fumes that mixed with the fresher variety. Verde took a deep breath, and then wished he hadn't. He coughed several times and then sat down on his haunches, his back resting against the wall of one of the alleyway houses. Revin slumped down beside him. Well? Revin